Gerald Forthuber - IHDS certified Human Design Analyst

Human Design

Human Design is a great tool, which supports you to experience your life in line with your design. You get new insights how you can handle your challenges in your life and avoid to not stand in your own way. Everyone has the right to live their life in their uniqueness and Human Design can help you doing so.
Gerald Forthuber - IHDS certified Human Design Analyst
Gerald Forthuber
IHDS certified Human Design Analyst

About ten years ago I got in contact with Human Design by luck. - My focus at that time was to raise my new borns kids as good as possible. - Double checking if Human Design can add any value to this goal, I got my foundation reading and it changed my life. - I started my experiment and applied the information I received step by step in my life and was very critical if Human Design is really working for me. 

Still working on my experiment, I am confident, that Human Design is accurate and working. It is an important support in my life. Finally I started and completed my Human Design Analyst education at the International Human Design School.

Right from the beginning the experiment is very important to me, since only with the experiment you gain the real benefit of Human Design. The journey, which starts with the first step, is very impressive and reveals new perspectives to resolve the challenges in your life in a better way. I am more than happy to guide and help you doing your first steps with Human Design. 

Human Design Readings for YOU

I can support your experiment with Human Design with different Readings depending on the progress of your experiment. 

A Human Design Reading is a verbal description of selected aspects of your individual bodygraph.

The Reading ...

  • can be done in English or German language
  • can be done live. - I can provide a private ZOOM online meeting room. There is the possibility to record the meeting so you can review it late on as often you want to.
  • can be recorded by me in form of a video/audio file. You receive an email with a link to download this recording.
  • takes about 60 to 90 minutes 
  • After the start of your Human Design experiment, I answer your questions as good as possible.

On the following pages you find more detailed information about each Human Design Reading I can provide.

Quality is important

If you browse the internet and search for Human Design you will get many hits with different quality and depth. It's not mine to judge those pages. 

My experience and education is based on the information and training Ra Uru Hu provided and initiated.  The International School of Human Design  (IHDS) as well as the Jovian Archive are website of Ra Uru Hu. 

I can recommend those sites, if you look for more detailed information about Human Design. Additionally you can check there the qualification of a Human Design Analyst. My qualifications are listed there as well.